Nov 19, 2010

Since I've Been Home:

So I've been back home in Westwood, NJ since the end of August.  I've started working at Davis Studio, a yearbook photo company that takes pictures for High Schools around the Tri-State area, as a traveling candid photographer.  It's essentially a freelance position where I'll shoot football games, pep rallies, homecoming dances, etc.  In the meantime, I've been taking my camera out on my own as much as possible; trying to come up with projects of my own, working on my technique and skills, and just taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures.  So, here are some "What I've Been Up to Lately" galleries.  Enjoy!

These are some random shots from here and there - some from around New York City, some from other spots in New Jersey, and one from my own front yard.

Your Sister's Canary, Fall 2010
My good friends from Your Sister's Canary have been playing shows around the Greater New York area all summer while I was in Boston, but I've finally been able to make it to some of their shows since I've been home.  If you haven't already, I highly recommend Googling/Facebooking/Myspacing these guys.

Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear - Oct. 30, 2010
 I'd been looking forward to The Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Aliveever since Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced it back in September.  I knew I wanted to approach the rally like a professional photojournalist, so when I realized it coincided with Halloween weekend, I had to think hard about how to look professional and still incorporate some sort of costume.  In the end I was extremely happy with the result:
Peter Parker!  Well...Peter-Parker-mid-costume-change-into-Spiderman.  The costume was a hit at the rally, and I ended up posing for pictures with other rally-ers, and even struck up conversations with some other Marvel Universe heroes.  At one point a student news group even interviewed me (as Peter Parker) on my thoughts on the rally.  As for the rally itself, it was incredibly crowded, and although I got to the mall right next to the stage, I saw absolutely nothing on stage.  There was plenty going on in the crowd though, so I ended up keeping my camera on the audience more than the stage:

New York City, Halloween 2010
After a sleepless weekend in Washington D.C. I took a bus back up to New York to get home.  This happened to be on Halloween night, though, so I had to take advantage of the evening and document part of the evening.  I ended up in the West Village to see Your Sister's Canary play at the Bitter End (see above), and saw some real colorful characters in the aftermath of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

So that's what I've been up to since I've been home, as far as my photo-taking is concerned.

Until next time - Be well!
Andrew Bisdale