May 28, 2011

Trying My Hand at HDR

After several years of trying, I've finally figured out how to make an HDR image (and by "figured out," I mean "downloaded a program that cranks them out with the push of a button).  Like a kid who can't put down his new toy, it's been hard to stop making HDR images.  Below is a gallery of images I've made in the past week or so.  I'm letting myself go a little nuts with these pictures now, trying to get the excitement out of my system before I make a bad habit of relying on HDR.  As cool as these pictures look, and as excited as I am to finally make them myself, I think it's important to keep the foundation of my work strictly journalistic.  Otherwise I'll start feeling more like Cary Elwes and his sell-out storm chasers with the fancy black SUV's than Bill Paxton and his ragtag bunch of purist storm chasers (thanks for the pop culture reference, Twister).  

That being said, I am still very much a fan of HDR images, and I look forward to making more (in moderation) in the future.  I'll keep updating this post as a sort of HDR portfolio.  Hope you like - enjoy!

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