Jul 3, 2013

The Upright Citizen Brigade's 15th Annual Del Close Marathon

I was more than a little excited when I found out I'd be covering the Del Close Marathon again this year.  It was one of, if not THE best experiences I'd had as a freelance photographer last year, so I jumped at the chance to go back.

I was anxious about being able to deliver-just-as-good-if-not-better photos than the year before, but once I got into the swing of things it felt like I'd just been there the day before.  I found myself in the same cramped spot on the floor of the UCB Chelsea Theatre, and pretty easily got back into the same groove.

It struck me how it seemed so familiar after being away for a year -- the faces, the pace of the shows, the inescapable heat, and that particular smell of a crowded little theater full of sweating improv fans.  Shooting through the night, crashing on my friend's couch as the sun comes up, sleeping a few hours and doing the same thing for the next two days -- it's a pretty incredible experience.  And on top of all that I got to see my favorite comedians practicing their craft live and in-person.

The DCM is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to capture a little part of it.

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